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tv   Scotland the American Revolution  CSPAN  November 8, 2019 11:55pm-1:31am EST

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>> one i'd like to welcome you back. we had a great keynote section session. the 2019 international conference on the american revolution meeting here in philadelphia at the museum of the american revolution. we are grateful to our sponsors, you can see them on the screen.
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there is a long genealogy, that is fair to say to this particular topic, which goes back more than a quarter century. very personal to me. it starts with the insight, which is brought out in the exhibition, that we are celebrating and launching here, the life and death of an irish soldier. it explores connections between the american revolution, and ireland through the life of richard st. george, mann sore st. george, who was a soldier and artist. not necessarily a fine artist, but a caricaturist. we know that satire and mockery, something we use a lot among staff at the museum of american revolution, can't reveal a great deal about culture. this is certainly a theme that this comes out in the exhibition. about 30 years ago, when i was a graduate student, doing research for a dissertation captain edinburgh,
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i spent a few summers in the scottish record office. there was another graduate student at the time who was calling up a lot of the same boxes and papers that i was. you start to have a conversation about what your work is. that is how i got to know are speaker here this evening, this morning, sorry, doctor andrew. it feels like it is still this evening. here is a senior lecturer at the scottish university in glasgow and thought and caught and taught for many years at the university of aberdeen. one of the images that i located at that point, four first saw, at the start, is called the scotch buttery, boston 1775. i was doing research on scottish military service in north america, the period of the seven years'war, and its influence on north america leading up to the american
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revolution. a subject that was of great interest to doctor mckee, i've known him all that time. there was an article that i ran across, i don't normally just read from the podium. i want to read, there is no other better way to introduce what sparked my interest in this particular cartoon. my desire to hear someone who knows more than i do talk about it. that's why we're here today. this is an article that was published in philadelphia, in a pennsylvania magazine, venerable historical society of philadelphia. back in 1980, he wrote among the misdeeds of george the third, the declaration of independence, so dramatically lists, none is more familiar than he is at this time, transporting large armies of mercenaries to complete the works of death,
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desolation, and tyranny. begun with circumstances of cruelty, scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages and totally on where the head of a civilized nations. the declaration of independence, of course, drafted, debated, signed just about a block and a half from where we are right now. it does not identify the mercenaries. for almost all americans, there is no doubt who they were. -- even though many came from states -- in jefferson's draft of the declaration, which was approved by his fellow members of the drafting committee, benjamin franklin, roger sherman, and submitted to the full congress for discussion and debate on july 2nd 1776. the only mercenaries specifically mentioned or the
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scotch. at the close of the draft, is a long passage telling of the american appeals to close our british reverend. at this very
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